Friday, February 29, 2008



When the Sun is within the first house, then you are known as a ‘Double Rising Sign’. This means that the Zodiac Sign of Taurus was ‘Rising’ in the Eastern sky at the moment of your birth.
A ‘Double Rising Sign’ means you act in a natural way, what one sees is what one gets with you, you do not hide behind a ‘Mask’.

With your Taurus Sun in the First House, there is a need to personally represent yourself as one who is well able to promote the self through creative drives. You carry yourself well and are not one who will readily accept help from others, You have a proud bearing and are never one to wear cast-offs or hand-me-downs. Your tastes are quite refined and this shows in the way you dress, never showy, though there is a liking for price-labels and name-tags to allow others to see that you can afford to shop well.

Often; in the past you have been treated royally, like a prince or princess, even though you might not think so. You are one who will want to leave your past behind, to begin a new lineage as you move on upwards. It can be accepted that children born will get a royal attention from you, although it might take some time before children are born, because there is always the child hiding within you, which can cause you to have tantrums if things do not go your way; having a child yourself can, psychologically, give you a sense of being usurped.

What is very important is the need to own your own property, a personal palace, where your friends might pay a visit and be received in a royal way. Here again, is the drive to leave the past behind and create your own royal life, have friends whom you will help when you have time. Your life is all about ‘You’, in that you will come first, especially within your own home!


Sridevi said...

I am a Taurus rising with sun in my 1st house. Some of the things you've said in this article is soooo true!! :) :) :) Thanks for posting it!!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

So TRue..I can relate to all of that..:) Thanks for Sharing.