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Projections for TAURUS.

Self-Projection means, the way one projects themselves out into the public eye; how others see them, though not necessarily how they really are. How one goes through life, the basic energy to secure what is needed is an instinctive self-projective measure, either within an aggressive or defensive mode.

You project yourself as a charming and well organised person, one who is practically capable of taking care of the self. You understand that financial security brings with all the things money can buy, so that your first actions are to secure that which can afford. You to have good taste in both food and things of quality, things of taste which appeal to the eye, delicacy and dress appeal.

There are times when you will deem it necessary to put yourself first when it comes to picking up a bargain, and the property market is where you would seek to secure a bargain. you can be possessive and tend to hold onto things which are yours by right. You understand that you put all your effort and energy into attainment, so you are not going let another take what you have so patiently strived to get.

What you wear and how you walk, the places you go to and those you know, are the hallmark of how you have made it in life, your possessions are your trademark. When you set yourself to any fixed target, you work your way towards it tenaciously, you really put yourself out to market yourself as hot property.


What is meant by Financial Security is the way in which you protect yourself through a sense of material possessions. It implies the need to own, in a practical and material sense, so that it gives a solid foundation. You might buy a house so that roots are put down, a base from which you can work. The implication is what you would need to possess in life as a practical building block so that you feel secure.

You can always be the one who has many fingers in the pie, working on many situations at once, now called ‘Multitasking’. When it comes to finance, your mind can be a closed shop, not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing. Fingers are always busy at work, adding things, to make sure the books are up to scratch. You might well spend money on books and magazines, certainly with an eye towards property magazines and the property market. You will need to keep an eye on phone-bills, because speech and any means of communication will run up bills.

You are also liable to pay out for short duration holidays and quick visits to places of interest like libraries and the sounds of music. Possession of your mental facilities is important, as is the upkeep of knowledge on many subjects which pay dividends in the end. You may think of writing for a living at some time, feel you have a story to sell to anyone interested. When it comes to earning-power, you are always on hand!


The spirit of communication implies the way in which one thinks, one’s method of logic, expressed through mediums of speech and writing. It is how one communicates within the local environment, the way information is gained and communicated to others. This is an area of everyday conversation, what one might talk about and who to. The sense is light-hearted and conducted in a spirited way.

Your thoughts can be quite reflective, in that you speak as you feel, reflecting from past experiences. You might say…“I had that happen to me once…”. One speaks as one ‘Feels‘, rather than what one ‘Thinks’. The mind tends to chew over information, referring back to past situations, so that memories often induces a reply, the mind is a scrapbook of old photographs and history books. In a strange way, you relate to history and can always feel like talking about the family and its history. You might also quote old-fashioned saying which your mother was fond of, as was her mother before her. When it comes to communication and visiting, the family comes first, old haunts; and then it all depends on what mood you are in…

When you are in the mood you can talk all night; but then, you might be in the mood to go back into your mind and say nothing at all. Normally, though, you really are at home when it comes to a quick chat about familiar things.
You can get quite emotional and upset about anything which describes suffering, and, at such times, you can cry.


Emotional Security is all bout how one feels, one’s sense of atmosphere and how one ‘Feels’ about the past; in the way the past reflects on how one deals with the present. If you had had a good early home-life, the past kind to you, this would be reflected in the way you react to present situations, and vice-versa. Emotional Security is all about atmospheres and our reactions to them.

There is often a need to feel that the past is the stage from where all dramas took place. In a strange way, you may well have received royal treatment in the past, a mother’s prince or princess; so that, as you mature, there is a need to feel others applaud you for what you do. There is a feeling that the home is somewhere you are proud to be, a castle which you have created by yourself; indeed, it is within the home that all creative feelings can stem, which you stamp and put your mark on so it carries your identity.

This is your flair for house design, to organise things so the shack becomes a castle of majestic proportions, a place, you feel, you can rule from. You might feel well suited to visiting homes of Royalty, those palaces which give you ideas, you are all for ‘Home Rule’ and all forms of Monarchy… Wherever you live, you will have your entourage and your court jesters, your romantics and your royal throne.

In a strange way, you might want to create a new life for yourself, rise above your past and build a new dynasty for yourself, a new royal lineage…But the golden past will always be there for you to remember!


Natural Creativity implies where one has natural flair, a need to show-off what comes naturally, be it your children, creative ideas or taking a chance on romance. A gamble and sense of fun comes under the influence of natural creativeness, as does poetry and other artistic forms.
You may never find the perfect partner for your children and make a right royal fuss over their choice of friends.

Mind you, even though you may see faults in others, you will keep a royal reserve and remain somewhat aloof. In essence; you can just as easily create an answer to problems as you can create them through over-emphasis. You are proud of the way you can solve anything once you analyse what the problem is. When it come to personal romance, you may just be too picky in this, so that you might wait until you find the perfect time and place, a time of leisure and holiday mood.

Here; the problem is that you might always be too busy, mentally occupied, to find the time, too busy, occupied with other things to concentrate on the self and larger aspects of the life. You can be every child’s favourite Auntie, and proud the think others come to you for practical advice. A problem can be that you will tend to be over-fussy about creating the right atmosphere within your working environment, wanting things to be exactly right so you gain applause for your diligence and willingness to solve problems on behalf of others. It is the same with health, you like to be fit and are proud of the way you keep yourself in trim!


By Practical Co-Working is meant how you apply yourself to any form of practical work, and how you get along with co-workers. This also applies to your sense of time and how you deal with detail as well as the sense of tidiness within your work. This gives an idea of your method and practical knowledge as well as ideas about health and dietary habits.

You can relate easily to fellow co-workers, as long as there is ‘Give and take’ within working hours. You really are not into rowdy working conditions or hectic schedules, you like to know the rules and work by them. Often you seek conditions where by you work in mixed company, where a little flirting makes the day go with a smile…

You may even find a good working relationship can start from within work experience, working together gives a good opportunity for joint communication. Often, you can make friends with other co-workers, that the friendship remains long after you find another position. You are at your best in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere and will comply easily to requests made by others.

You work with others in a practical and balanced way, it can be that, among colleagues you like, you are at your best. Your easy-going nature makes you a hit with co-workers, your smile always on show. You can work well within the legal profession and in the music or artistic environments, anywhere that has an easy and balanced way with flexible hours that you can relate to… It all has to do with harmony in the workplace.


Love is a sense of equality, your sense of ‘Give and Take’ within a relationship. This implies what attracts you, a magnetic quality which draws you in. At the same time, relationships can also imply open relationships and friendships, which are not tied down to domestication. This can also have reference to business partnerships and partnerships which have similar tastes.

You can be as passionate as you like, although this might entail that deeper emotions get involved. You do not accept change easily and will not tolerate another trying to make changes to the way you are (Although, secretly, you may suggest small changes to the way your partner appears!)

Often, relationships can produce a clash of wills and the demand for complete loyalty. Often, this combination can be a challenging one, not exactly a love/hate relationship, but one which goes through endings and then reforms in a tighter bond. Often, it is the case that the birth of children cement the relationship, in the sense that the intensity within the partnership is now concentrated on the child. What each gains from the other is the key, there has to be a strong sexual bonding, a love comes through strongly from what is gained from the bond. Love ends when the whole sense of love dies.

When it come to relating to any joint venture, you may feel that there is also some sense of who dominates the situation. You would have to keep an eye on your emotions and intuition, because if you even sense any disloyalty, you might well kill off the partnership!


Shared Resources imply the way one gains from any partnership and how one deals with beginnings and endings. This gives an idea of how one secures the self through areas of joint venture and how one sees any sense of loyalty from another. It is also assessment of basic emotions and hidden qualities which can come to light in the life.

In many respects, you would make a good detective, always wanting to get to the bottom of things, always curious. You really are into spiritual mysteries, why things happens and the meaning of life. You can wonder about reincarnation and where we go to in life as well as death. This could lead you on to intense studies of different cultures and to gain understanding of the peoples of other nations.

You will experiment and can take chances, although you might go overboard when it comes to the experiences of love. When it comes to love, you might well want to expand your horizons and search the world over for what you feel love should be, as if you search for answers in the same way as knights of old searched for the Holy Grail, you search for another who will share the mystical journey with you. In the end you might well find what you seek abroad and end your life there.

You need to uncover knowledge and will dive deep to find it; to find and become a mine of information. You will expand your sense of worth through any joint venture, this means you will have to find the right partner to share adventures with!


What is meant by expansion through experience is a measure of how and what one might learn through Deeper studies, or travel to far off lands, or a mixture of both, that one might travel to distant lands and gain experience of foreign cultures which enlivens the mind. Often, this experience is geared towards a spiritual uplift.

You tend to take your studies rather seriously, understanding that knowledge is the key to career and social standing. Mind you, you may restrict your studies only to that which is geared towards the career you choose so that overall knowledge is somewhat limited; a case of only wanting to know what you need to know. In many respects you dislike being tied down by the responsibility of deeper study and might never want to find the time to read heavy classical literature.

Cramming for exams can cause you to worry, poor marks will get you criticised and laughed at, so you cram in the intelligence needed yet resent the fact that it takes up so much time. Even so, you make a good student and will do well once you begin your career. Generally; it is after leaving school that you learn more and then take on extra study to advance yourself.

You can remain concentrated on a sole aim in life, once you realise what that aim is. This is why the second part of your life works out better than the first; your travels are over and you can settle down to the work of moving up to a position of trust, things become easier to accept and that you give yourself the time to appreciate what you have.


By reputation and career, is meant how one wants to be seen by those in authority, and how one wants to be looked-up to, with respect, depending on what kind of reputation one gets. The implication is what one wants to achieve, within career and status in life, especially within maturity. In all, this is about how one deals with those in authority.

When it comes to career, you work better with the more updated and advanced machinery and will acquaint yourself with whatever suits your working needs. You are not one who will be left behind and seek to elevate yourself so that friendships of a higher status are made within the framework of career. You may never be suited to a dull and boring job, you prefer freedom and independence, so that you are liable to move about in your younger working life till you think you are ready to settle into the right employment.

Your mind works towards the future and future prospects. You really have no time for those beneath you, you intend to establish your own class and keep within it, working yourself up and away from the lower rungs of the social ladder. This also implies working where you might acquaint yourself with known names, in areas of high standing. You know what you want from your future and work your way towards it.


By stating future hopes and wishes is meant what is expected to happen with regards to the future. There is also social order to reason with, friends, too, who might rise one up the social ladder. This is all about the future prospects, although the element of reversals are always present, and not always taken into account.

This is all about one’s aspirations for the future; but, when it comes to making plans, having hopes and wishes, there can always be confusion as to who you can trust, what friends may help or hinder. It can always be that you keep your plans secret or even join secret societies whereby there is created an air of mystery. One has to be aware that this combination can distort idealisms so that the future can result in sudden disappointments and you go beyond the social boundaries of acceptability.

There can be a tendency to follow and preach high ideals which disrupt spiritual values. However; one has to be aware that, should the need to update old laws become an obsession, then the law can be broken, even though the thinking is for the benefit of humanity. The future can be sacrificed for a higher love or ideal which dissolves the need for personal gain. Future dreams may never come true if you rely on friendships or turn friendships into love, for that kind of love can have you looking through futuristic rose-coloured glasses.

When it comes to ambitions, you have to understand what you want, bringing your ambitions down to earth, otherwise you will want to sacrifice all for love.


The implication here is that one makes sacrifices within the life and gives an impression to others of acting like a Samaritan; whether good or bad, depends on the nature of the personality. This is creativity of a high order, emotive and poetic, the giving without expecting anything in return.
You will tend to sacrifice your energy so that action appears to be through areas of doing good, using your energy in a soft and subtle way so that others find you sensitive and compassionate, so that those who fight under the banner of God might be attracted by this spiritual energy.

You can give artistic impressions to this world, you are not into war and bloodshed. You seek peace and offer terms of spiritual succour to those who need your shield, the underdog. However; the feels are often nebulous and can inspire illusions; it can also give impressions of good, whilst the reality being that one uses the sense of spiritual goodness to be the receptor rather than the giver! One might give an illusion of sensitivity to gain trust, so that the trustee becomes vulnerable to a more romantic sensuality.

It can be hard to use your energy in a materialistic and practical way, so that you use this creativity to produce works of art, you might sooner paint a picture than paint a house. In all respects, it can be hard to know how to use your energy, preferring to show a cool approach to life, so that others are never sure of your inner feelings. In times of unreasonable actions, of violence, you would leave, to find a safe haven!

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