Friday, February 22, 2008



Who you meet and who you know can be a clue to your personal identity, when the Aries Sun sits in the Eleventh House.
You might really see ‘Net-Working’ and having a good position within groups as an ideal way to live. Mind you, not all is plain sailing here. You are not one to just calmly accept the Old School’ giving the orders, you are into new ways of thinking and updating old methods which are not logical in today’s thinking.

You are a humanitarian and can work within areas which speak up for the down-trodden and those under the capitalistic hammer. You would want to shake up this world and can have a full-throated voice, when decrying what goes on in the world. In many respects, you identify yourself with the ‘New Age’ and might join the .Green’ set. Again, you can become a ‘Political’ animal and start your own independent party, set against those who exploit the poor.

Whatever way you work, you do have ambitions and aspirations to be heard, to mix with those who have the same ambitions, the ‘Break-Away’ movement. You might join a group, then, becoming disillusioned with the same old ‘Speak’, break away, taking those members who will follow your example, to start your own group where your voice is heard.

While you do have humanitarian and political aims, you are not into classification. Yet your ideals and hose you mix with, your set of friends will classify you as being one who seeks some form of status in life, one who needs a social scale, a ladder to climb, because this will give you something to talk about, to move around the local community, which moves you higher up the ladder of achievement and to have those you are proud to have as friends.

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