Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ARIES SUN IN 1st. House.


When the Sun is within the first house, then you are known as a ‘Double Rising Sign’. This means that the Zodiac Sign of Aries was ‘Rising’ in the Eastern sky at the moment of your birth.
A ‘Double Rising Sign’ means you act in a natural way, what one sees is what one gets with you, you do not hide behind a ‘Mask’.

In life, you do like to take charge, to be in the thick of the action, though this can always produce dramas, simply because your pride might never allow you to back down, or away from a situation which others may see as dangerous. You like to be in charge of the cavalry, at the head of the troops, often so far in front that you leave the others behind and find yourself alone and under attack from those who lie in ambush.

You really do have a big heart and will give your all, never waiting for thanks or praise, it’s a regal wave of the hand and you are off, onto your next adventure, your next dramatic gamble.
Friends know you will help them out, that you have the knack of leading the way, being a ‘Leading Light’ in any field you care to choose.

But you are not into long-drawn-out affairs; you love to be out front, brave and all-action but you do get bored, which can lead to the child in you, making demands to make moves, to take things into your own hands, to get and go your own way.
In life; you are the leader of the gang, the fiery instigator, one who starts things of and sets the fires burning!

You are courageous and confident, with a highly creative drive, though your actions and demands can have you becoming the ‘General Custer’ of life… Though you can also be the ‘Leading Light’ in all you do, as long as you temper life with a little patience and learn to delegate.

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