Thursday, April 10, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Tenth House, then you seek personal goals through areas of responsibility and diligence. You can become whatever you set your heart on, although you are not happy working in an atmosphere which keeps you on the move. You like stability and an occupation which follows a familiar routine; sometimes this implies working in the ‘Family Business’,
Taking on the ‘Mother-Load’, managing the work through a good organizing ability and being able to delegate. Again, this can mean that you take on what has been handed-down through family generations.

At times you might seem to be undecided as to how you approach life and, for this reason, would seek to relate to others as to what you should do and what decisions to make. Not that you will take advice, it’s just that another’s opinion will help you make your own mind up as to what to accept or not. Again; you are not really into inharmonious effort, relating to a peaceful course, but it can be that you often hear things you do not wish to hear.

You can be at your best when working within a group effort, working through forms of friendships, yet being the one they come to, look up to as the one in authority. This can apply to a family group, that you treat friends like members of your family and will make sure they feel secure under your ‘Protective’ roof, your ‘Parental’ umbrella.

When it comes to status and reputation, you are proud of how you manage when in charge, but you much prefer to be in a role whereby you feel at home within the environment of work, the working area must somehow feel like home, so that your are familiar with the routine. Again; you would have to learn to over-ride your emotions when dealing handling others, not treating them like children, but as future professionals.

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