Thursday, April 17, 2008

LEO SUN in 2nd. HOUSE.


When you Sun sits in the Second House, then you can always be very proud of what you own and how you have created your wealth. It’s not that it comes easy, you may have to work your heart out to obtain the gold business cards or the gold you wear about your body. One has to watch out for being over-proud of possessions and ownership, simply because, you make a royal show of your wealth, your finances, then you can bank on others trying to take it from you.

But you are a ‘Good-Hearted’ person, one with a heart of gold and you will give to those who do not have you instinct to create wealth. Mind you, you do expect a show of applause for your extravagance; you don’t expect a medal (Well, you would take it if it were gold!).
What is known is that you are not one who will stoop to begging, you are too proud to ask and would hate to have to go, cap in hand with a begging bowl, to those who might spare a few copper coins. Your pride is one reason why you set about securing wealth, becoming financially secure, simply because created wealth means you can stand up, on show, as a person who does not have to beg, rather…You are a giver and proud owner of gold medals to prove it!

You might buy yourself a royal regalia, wear a regal crown, but it’s a case that children do come first and so your own children can be dressed quite royally; this is where money can be spent, no expense spared; after all, you created them and you are not going to allow others to see your creations under-dressed and in need. But, till off-spring comes along, you might just create your own wardrobe, manufacture your own jewelry, walk out royally; what you own, your possessions and the way you create things in a dramatic way is well staged!

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