Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LEO SUN in 6th. HOUSE.


When the Sun lies in the Sixth House, then you are one who is at the helm when it comes to organizing the work-load, and proud to see that all you set out to do is achieved. You are the one others come to, for advice, for allowance to continue the work you have set out. It’s not that you are a hard or harsh task-master, your nature is such that your co-workers, those beneath you, will love the sense of fun and light which you bring to the workplace.

You are at your best when in charge of situations where by work has to be delivered on time, you will gain a reputation for your sense of timing and the hours you put in so that everything works like clockwork. Mind you, you have to learn to take it easy at times, to make light of the work, otherwise you can over-stress the self, put too much heart into your work so that it affects the nerves.

You can always win gold medals for your service to others, those who cannot help themselves, you care about others and are worth your weight in gold when it comes to handing out optimism and good, positive, advice. You are one that bosses are proud off, one whom they trust and recognize the way you run things, and you get your rewards within positions of power. Again; if you run your own empire of industry, then you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty and being one of the ‘Lads’.

At work, you will not be ignored, others will know when you are around because you act with full authority. Others will appreciate your generosity and warmth, these are qualities which get you full co-operation from your co-workers and bosses alike. Though you like to take centre-stage, you are also determined to see that everyone get a royal seal of approval and that work gets done on time.

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