Monday, April 28, 2008

LEO SUN in 12th. HOUSE.


When the Sun sits in the Twelfth House, then you can direct all the dash and daring dramas you like from behind the scenes. You will be the flash of lightning which comes from a dark sky, fill others with an energy so that they carry out your orders in such a classical way, that you win all the gold awards as the film’s director.
There can be times when you can lose your confidence, just when things are going so well and you dream of higher praise, when the bubble bursts and you feel yourself fading into the background; such times as these, you might well put on an act, that all is well, the act being so good that you become confused and take it as a personal sign that all really is well.

However; you are very creative and can produce some brilliant treasures of artistic value. You also have the power to make dreams come true for those who need spiritual comfort and guidance, this is an area whereby you can shine. Others who need to have faith will find it easy to have belief in you, you can be their shining example, taking great pride in the dreams and scenes you have created so others get the picture.

In a strange way, before you gain recognition, you might well have to sacrifice your own personal ambitions, lose your sense of ‘Ego’, so that you humble yourself before the multitude, in this way understand and feel compassion for those who suffer, become their champion and suffer on their behalf. With this in mind, you can then wear the uniform of authority, for the benefit of others, and rise high within the ranks, till you can organize others so they accept delegation.
This is a strong and spiritual combination and should be accepted as such, so you stand out as a shining example to the world and not hide your light behind shadows so you appear as just a glimmer of hope.

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