Monday, April 7, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Sixth House, then you relate to those who will partner you, so that you both work to an efficient standard. In a way, you do take pride in your work and like to find work which gives you a sense of being useful and co-operative. You are not into hard and competitive work, whereby everyone is out to beat each other or causing an atmosphere of discontent. You will seek work in a peaceful atmosphere, in a homely and family-structured business, so that each person relates to the other in a familiar way.

You can pride yourself on being recognized as a hard and industrious worker, one who likes routine and the element of time. In a way, ‘Shift-Work’ or altered working hours can have an adverse effect on you, you like to know what is going to happen, that there are no changes from what happened in the past, it is important to keep to a routine, one you are familiar with.
In a way, this is the same when it comes to relating, you like a partner whop recognizes your value, the output you create and the good working atmosphere.

You are one who likes to serve and can easily relate to working in areas whereby you will serve up wholesome and nourishing food. In a way, you might admire another who has a healthy appetite, one who you are proud to serve and who truly appreciates all you do; one who might tip you royally.

You will understand the idea of ‘Give and Take’, disliking greed and those whop will take advantage of your nature. Greed, to you, is an unhealthy attitude; and health is a big thing with you, healthy homes and healthy relationships. You can often worry about health, yet this is where you can shine, in that you can be at your best when nursing another back to health. In this way, you are at home in a healthy atmosphere and relating to service!

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