Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LEO SUN in 1st. House.


When the Sun is within the first house, then you are known as a ‘Double Rising Sign’. This means that the Zodiac Sign of Leo was ‘Rising’ in the Eastern sky at the moment of your birth.
A ‘Double Rising Sign’ means you act in a natural way, what one sees is what one gets with you, you do not hide behind a ‘Mask’.

You are very quick to act, to take charge of situations, to be up-front and, should anyone or anything get in your way, then you will create a scene until the fault is removed. You can always be there, showing off your prowess in an often dramatic way.
You are a natural leader, one who seeks the golden prize, the warrior King or Queen, the one who lights the way and moves in an acted blaze of glory. You can put on a grand display, the leader of the gang, the great romantic; it’s all part of your act.

You are highly creative and take great pride in the way you act, whatever you do has an air of dramatic presentation. You are one who is sure of your personal identity, you have a big heart and wear a badge of courage on your sleeve. Although some might see you as an ‘Egotist’, you are the first in the queue, when it comes to championing the ‘Underdog’, you take chances and gamble on the outcome. Others are proud to have you as their friend, and you will help anyone in trouble, the trouble is, you feel, you are never really appreciated by those you help. Is it that you expect wild applause from your audience; or just a pat on the back?

Until you learn to organize your life, you might go from one dramatic situation to another, there’s a child in you somewhere who is the champion of the nursery. You have a quick pride which can have you roaring at any who offend your ruler-ship but you are certainly proud of who and what you are; what you have made of yourself!

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