Thursday, April 3, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Third House, then you are not one to forget anything and are proud of your knowledge. You learn through an emotive sense and can become emotional when talking about something which brings back memories of the Mother or has sentimental value.

You thinking and writing is often reflective of the past and it all depends on your upbringing as to how you feel when talking of your past; a hard upbringing can always bring depressive thoughts, but you will outgrow such feelings and feel the need to learn from your past so that you alter the course of such traditions.

You are passionate and quite proud of where you come from, patriotic and will say so. You might be full of old sayings, or quote the words your Mother used to say, as did her Mother before her. You may well have old books on your shelves and favour history above others. Again, you value knowledge and might show off your knowledge, which lies within the castle of your mind. In fact, what you learn can lift you out of the past and into a new future; even though you might consider yourself out of the ‘Old School’.

There’s no doubting you are bright and you shine via your communicative skills. But you do better after school, through ‘Home-work’ and within places where you feel comfortable. If the atmosphere feels wrong, then you can become restless and will move, always seeking a better location, a better home in a better class of neighbourhood.

You can always enjoy a family gathering, in a cosy atmosphere and talking about the ‘Old Days’, with a good spread on the table, especially with you at the head of the table, communicating your need to have the latest gossip, news that is not ‘Old Hat’

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