Thursday, April 10, 2008

CANCER SUN in 9th. House.


When the Sun sits in the Ninth House, then you are one who seeks a way in which you might learn the art of reputation. You are patriotic and can feel at home in any country, although always looking back over your shoulder from where you came.
There is always a need to seek personal experiences, to set out on a personal crusade, so that you feel more settled within the self. You might well search for a spiritual form of enlightenment, gain recognition for the way in which you conduct yourself as an ambassador for your country.

You might well search for a large house, a country mansion, because your goal is to expand in some way. You can feel very emotional at times, should you win an award for your work or in an atmosphere whereby tributes are being paid; your sense of sympathy can swell towards those who need help or who are starving, the ‘Third World’.
Your interests are far-ranging and your goal is to attain high rewards for your personal assistance, given to those who you give your time to. It is not that you seek medals or gold purses; more, it’s that you simply want applause for your actions, your ‘Homecoming’.

You take personal pride in being a responsible person, one who can manage things, with many strings to your bow, many and varied aims which you carry out with dignity. Often you work from home, or within a homely atmosphere, even though the work may cover many distances. You will learn to over-ride your feelings within your work, take pride in managing any occupation you take on, so you work without any emotively-gushing interest, able to perform with high authority. Your aims will give you a lot of personal satisfaction in time, though it can be very hard-going.

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