Sunday, April 6, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Fifth House, then you are one who takes charge of events, well at home in organizing things in a very efficient way, always creating ideas so that you manage to delegate, so that any dramatic situation is sorted out with the minimum of effort.
You like to create an atmosphere of reason, whereby things work perfectly and make perfect sense. You are proud of what you achieve and know your capabilities. You are not into mess and will keep a clean house, with a strong sense of responsibility. When needed you are always on hand to give advice, you have a flair for calming things down and solving problems. In a way, you are the one the family come to for advice, whether it be medical or simply a judicial judge, to be the advocator between warring faction.

While you are very creative, you are into family welfare and hygiene. Health is important to you, as are dietary habits and well-prepared rations. You might easily be seen as the family doctor, or health visitor, one who goes round, making sure all are fit and healthy and that the home is clean. You know the importance of health and can make a mental note of things to be done.

When it comes to notes, you are one who will create rota’s and create areas where boards would be pinned up, so that those around you will familiarize themselves with the times of when things have to be done. You work easily with people and will act in a somewhat parental way, so that others trust your role within the work, knowing that you keep the ball rolling and create an atmosphere whereby everyone has a good time, you being the party organizer.

Self-confidence in what you do gains you recognition and gives a sense of pride. People trust you, simply because you keep to the rules and dislike those who try to interfere or change the way things work.

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