Wednesday, April 23, 2008

LEO SUN in 7th. HOUSE.


When the Sun sits in the Seventh House, then you can be liable to seek a partner who is the life and soul of the party, one in whose warmth you flourish and are proud off. This does not mean that you are a shrinking violet, no way, this implies that you would want someone who could balance your need to be the best, to be at your side, the ‘King and Queen’ of the social scene.

In a way, you will have to balance your need for applause and crowd appeal within a relationship, though careful that you do not give too much power to a partner so that you lose your shine under the partner’s show, so that you stay in the shadows or behind the scenes. When it comes to relationships, you seek forms of drama and excitement, a relationship whereby you set the scene alight, that all heads turn when you arrive on the scene, that the watchers bow to your grace.

It all depends as to your feelings of worth and sense of humility, whether you can lower your sights, when it comes to relationships, as to how you act and whom you get. You might act in too royal a way, so that you expect a partner to walk ten paces behind you, too proud to lower your expectations. This is where you may have to balance your demands when it comes to relating. You will always be in demand and have some powerful friends. By nature you are very warm and generous; here again, with this is mind, you might be too generous and give all you have away!

Your approach is very enthusiastic, a brilliant personality, which will light up any room and get you wherever you want to go. Yours is a nature which creates a dramatic sense of aura and you really know how to turn the lights on and revel in your own personal act, which has the audience calling for an encore.

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