Saturday, April 5, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Fourth House, then you will be very proud of your home and those who live within it. You are very creative and have strong nurturing drives, you are one who will create a strong family bond and lead the family pack.
There is a need to create a sense of identity within the home, this means that you would fill the home with your creative ideas, designs and colours, romantic notions and an atmosphere of security which makes living so comfortable.

The idea might well include a houseful of children, those who make you so proud, who treat you in a royal way and you, in respect would treat them as royal, in return. You are the one who others turn to within the home, the Matriarch/Patriarch. You will rule, but are big-hearted and very protective of those under your roof.
Often; you will have the family round for a meal, and are likely to organize a banquet, fit for any King. You would know how to make a royal feast of whatever is within the cupboard; rich or poor, you can create a meal from a crust of bread and a glass of water. Whatever you do in the home is done with pride, and you wont allow anyone to make changes to what you have created. You like familiarity, so a chair will sit in its familiar place and stay there, just as those seated around the table will know their place.

You like to be naturally active and will do things to suit yourself. This does not mean you are selfish, it means that you will take direct action when the situation warrants it. Most of the action is to make yourself comfortable within your surroundings, so you can work within that atmosphere. Any dramas within the home are often created by children, or those who invade your space. You will have your quiet corner, your flowers and romantic dreams; that’s until you are called upon to serve up a meal.

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