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The Rising Sign; often called the Ascendant Sign; is that sin of the Zodiac which was ‘Rising’ in the Eastern sky at the time of one’s birth.
The Rising Sign is the way one will act, how one projects the self out into the public arena.

Here is a list of those with Sun Signs, which will have a Leo Rising Sign…

Leo Sun in the First House…

Virgo Sun in the Second House.

Libra Sun in the Third House…

Scorpio Sun in the Fourth House…

Sagittarius Sun in the Fifth House…

Capricorn Sun in the Sixth House…

Aquarius Sun in the Seventh House…

Pisces Sun in the Eighth House…

Aries Sun in the Ninth House…

Taurus Sun in the Tenth House…

Gemini Sun in the Eleventh House…

Cancer Sun in the Twelfth House…

Next comes a brief write giving the basics of the Leo Rising Sign as it goes through the Houses.


Self-Projection means, the way one projects themselves out into the public eye; how others see them, though not necessarily how they really are. How one goes through life, the basic energy to secure what is needed is an instinctive self-projective measure, either within an aggressive or defensive mode.

You really do have the power to light up the room when you walk in, such is the way you can create projected warmth. There are times, in enthusiasm, when you will show off, certainly in front of an admiring crowd of friends, and you will take centre-stage in any drama that is going on. But, however you act, you are very warm-hearted and will help those in need. It’s a strange fact that, whoever you help, they never seem to give you thanks; and where are people when you need help?

Often, it’s a case that pride can stand in your way, you are self-possessed and it can gall you, if you have to lose face, if you have to bow to another. You are more into delegation than accepting rules from others and it can be very hard for you to back down from any sense of danger. You believe you really are the master or mistress of your own destiny and will create any play you want, and take the leading role in that play.

You can bet your life that there will be some created dramas somewhere within your life. There is a romantic wrapped up in your nature; a sunny climate and a paradise island would soon have you purring with pleasure!


What is meant by Financial Security is the way in which you protect yourself through a sense of material possessions. It implies the need to own, in a practical and material sense, so that it gives a solid foundation. You might buy a house so that roots are put down, a base from which you can work. The implication is what you would need to possess in life as a practical building block so that you feel secure.

You may only buy the things you personally need. But the strange thing is that you are also aware of the needs of others and will help them out if you can. You will tend to worry about personal hygiene and dietary habits; so finance will be spent on all kinds of healthy foods and things like toothpaste, soaps and perfumes equipment.

Clothes too, are not bought for simply fashion, but for comfort ability and what is best suited for the weather. You do have a practical financial sense but are not quick to follow the advice of others, for this reason, you might never accrue the larger things in life but care more about the things which are of immediate use.

You will always use finance to secure the sense of personal hygiene which gives you a perfect sense of acceptance by others. You might always purchase things which are needed for work, while things like watches and timing devices will always catch your eye. You would be aware of the smaller things in life, forgetful or ignoring the bulk orders…

Beware catalogues and Mail-Order companies, because they can bankrupt you!


The spirit of communication implies the way in which one thinks, one’s method of logic, expressed through mediums of speech and writing. It is how one communicates within the local environment, the way information is gained and communicated to others. This is an area of everyday conversation, what one might talk about and who to. The sense is light-hearted and conducted in a spirited way.

There are times when you might never stop talking about whatever comes into your mind. This is because you can gain some sense of what another thinks of you, by engaging in conversation. Relationships are always in with a chance and you might well be the original marriage guidance councillor!

You really are a social butterfly, the mind buzzing with dates of the next dance or meeting whereby those with interesting things to say might always attract your attention. In a sense, you like to ask questions which can balance your own sense of indecision; asking whether something or someone would suit you.

You dislike the quiet and over-noisy atmospheres too, which can depress you, you’re into laughter and flirtation, music and dance. Nimble-minded, you will talk to anyone at anytime. You are very agreeable, not liking to seem discourteous. You tend to be positive and direct, relating quickly to those who, you think, ’Like’ your way of communicating.

When you communicate ideas, it is often about your likes and dislikes, and your pet like is relating to attracting partnerships.


Emotional Security is all bout how one feels, one’s sense of atmosphere and how one ‘Feels’ about the past; in the way the past reflects on how one deals with the present. If you had had a good early home-life, the past kind to you, this would be reflected in the way you react to present situations, and vice-versa.

Emotional Security is all about atmospheres and our reactions to them.
You may never feel quite comfortable when out and about, simple because you are so sensitive to atmospheres.

You much prefer the sense of peace when alone, into the comfort of your home, sharing it only with others who do not try to dominate or take over the place, creating an atmosphere which causes you to leave. In many respects; you will tend to only share your space with another who has proved their loyalty, you are never into crowds, all messing up your private quarters. Often, you prefer to be home-alone, you don’t mind the quiet where you can sleep and recharge your batteries.

Feelings, for you, are hard to share, like your moods; feelings can ebb and flow like tidal waves, times when you hide away and others, when you don’t seek the light. It’s a fact, no-one knows you till they live with you, and no-one lives with you unless you have control in the home-share. If you have to share a home with more than one mate, then you can seek your own company, secretly feeling that the other two might side against you.

You really are a secretive soul when it comes to sharing your feelings.


Natural Creativity implies where one has natural flair, a need to show-off what comes naturally, be it your children, creative ideas or taking a chance on romance. A gamble and sense of fun comes under the influence of natural creativeness, as does poetry and other artistic forms.

Many people regard you as a very good sport and you do like to play games in a way. You are not one for standing around and watching, you like to participate, all-action, and proud of the skills you possess as an all-rounder. When it comes to games of chance and romance, you are always willing to take a gamble, and may end up by having to get away from the dramas you create; it’s often the case you can go over the top.

Travel can be your ace-card; the idea of travel can always give you romantic notions, but again, you can always chance your arm and go overboard!

Pride is a big thing with you, there will be times in your life when you will have to climb down off your high horse and not allow your pride to stand in your way. It’s the same with those who dare you, for you will take a chance simply because pride, once again, keeps you on a high; and you will be the centre of attention within the dramas you get caught up in on your travels. You can be particularly good with children, not as a teacher, but as one who will join in with their games and even act in a very youthful way so children quickly accept you. At times you can get high-spirited and really run away with yourself; but you like to show how big-hearted you are!


By Practical Co-Working is meant how you apply yourself to any form of practical work, and how you get along with co-workers. This also applies to your sense of time and how you deal with detail as well as the sense of tidiness within your work. This gives an idea of your method and practical knowledge as well as ideas about health and dietary habits.

You really are into time and working conditions; it’s not that you like work, rather it’s that you are conditioned to work. You prefer to see yourself as a working ‘Number Two’, the one who sorts out the problems and can delegate the smaller tasks. You pay attention to duty and like to feel that you are indispensable to those above you.

You know the rules and regulations and will take instructions if they seem to be practical and logical to you. You will be critical of orders which don’t make sense and even disobey them as a show of discontent. You are not one who like others interfering in your work and will even walk away if this happens or if the boss puts another person over you.

Psychologically; having someone placed over you without reason, gives you the idea that you are not capable enough, that you can’t handle the job, that you are not ‘Needed’. These are critical factors to you, as if your working schedule is being criticised, hence you are judged inadequate. You worry about time and efficiency, hate being late for work and being evaluated. But; whatever happens, you are back to work the next day!


Love is a sense of equality, your sense of ‘Give and Take’ within a relationship. This implies what attracts you, a magnetic quality which draws you in. At the same time, relationships can also imply open relationships and friendships, which are not tied down to domestication. This can also have reference to business partnerships and partnerships which have similar tastes.

It’s often the case, you prefer your friends to your partner; at least, this might always be what your partner states. The fact is, you relate to those who communicate in your language, know the short-cuts of speech and can text a fast message. You can always have many friends and go round in a group, or join associations where you can stay or leave as the fancy blows.

You are not always stable when it comes to friendships, liking to feel you can come and go as you please, independently free. Often; you might not see friends for a long time, then suddenly bump into them in a chance meeting. It’s a fact you would meet your partner within a group of friends and at a social gathering. You may well be happier in an open relationship or drawn to the strangest of ties’ you are not into convention at all, uncaring about the class of people you mix with; although friends do have a way of lifting you up the ladder in the future.

In respect; you might decide to wait till the future offers better prospects, as far as marital relationship seem, but that’s always in the future. One day, far off into the future, you might relate to a class of your own!


Shared Resources imply the way one gains from any partnership and how one deals with beginnings and endings. This gives an idea of how one secures the self through areas of joint venture and how one sees any sense of loyalty from another. It is also assessment of basic emotions and hidden qualities which can come to light in the life.

If another asked you exactly what you wanted from a partner, what would you most want to share with the person closest to you, you might well be stuck for an answer as to what dreams you really do share. At first it might seem that your dream would be to have a partner who would be a dream in bed, a sexual fantasy, someone you could share fantastic dreams with.

In many respects, this dream of fantasy could be your escape route from harsh reality, these secret thoughts which you share with no-one except your imagination. Often it’s the case that you might well dream of meeting the right partner, and when you do, to dominate the mating act. But, having done this, the dreams then becomes reality and a harsh disappointment. So you get rid of the reality and start rebuilding a new dream to conquer.

It is not as ruthless as it sounds, simply an abstract representation of shared resources which is hard to find. If ever you find such a partner who will share your dream, you will be in heaven. Perhaps the dream is to fins yourself a slave, one who devotes the self entirely to you; or is it the other way round, with you making all the sacrifices?


What is meant by expansion through experience is a measure of how and what one might learn through Deeper studies, or travel to far off lands, or a mixture of both, that one might travel to distant lands and gain experience of foreign cultures which enlivens the mind. Often, this experience is geared towards a spiritual uplift.

When it comes to far-off lands or deeper studies, you are off, like a racer from out of the blocks. The only problem with this speedy projection can be is that you run before you can walk and trip yourself up in the process. There might be no planning or working things out, as long as you get there fast. But in this rush to be there first, you can always leave personal things and others behind.

You much prefer to go it alone and might rush off to some unheard-of destination like an intrepid explorer without a water-bottle, not having checked first that it is a barren desert where you have run to. You do see things at first hand and will quickly explore whatever catches your fancy, in the sense that what you see will broaden your horizons. You like to be free to run, to have plenty of space to roam in. In this respect, deeper studies will not appeal, study is something you try to get over as quickly as possible.

Give you space and speed… And there, scientifically, you have motion, the get up and go. Speed and a clear run are the important things, and you will be very impatient with anyone or anything which stands in your way. One day, your quick spirited actions, will slow you down!


By reputation and career, is meant how one wants to be seen by those in authority, and how one wants to be looked-up to, with respect, depending on what kind of reputation one gets. The implication is what one wants to achieve, within career and status in life, especially within maturity. In all, this is about how one deals with those in authority.

You tend to take a very practical and down-to-earth approach when it comes to career and status. You realise that work is the commodity which earns you the finance which, in turn, affords you the things you need in life. You also realise that money is a source of power which earns you respect and the more hours you work, the more money you earn, the more respect you gain for those things which you possess.

When you think about it, career is a revolving circle of life which is your eternal treadmill. You would respect those who have good financial sense, certainly those who pay your wages. You like the finer things in life and will pay a high price for quality. It’s the same with work; you know you can earn good money through labouring, but that kind of work gives no credit, no status; so you will find work which has forms of status which gives you credit and gains you elevation…

It all boils down to taste, you do have good taste and work from there. High-class industry is like good food and wine to you, you have a taste for the high-life. In a sense; It’s not how high you get but how high-class is the establishment you work for!


By stating future hopes and wishes is meant what is expected to happen with regards to the future. There is also social order to reason with, friends, too, who might rise one up the social ladder. This is all about the future prospects, although the element of reversals are always present, and not always taken into account.

You can safely bet that you are one who will form many friendships and group Associations, because communication is always the theme. You are an ideas person, one who is always looking to the future and times when you can get together and have fun. Your mind is geared towards electronics and futuristic things like computers and games at the touch of a button.

You are not one who will stay in for long, your mind dictates your actions, so far into the future that the mind is often forgetful of the past! It is often the case that ‘You are where and what your friends are’! You never stay long in one sitting, always off onto future meetings, the mind wishing to explore the next positive situation, to make new friends, have new conversations about a date with the next day.

Conversations with friends can always get you a move up the social ladder or a place at work; in a way, this is what friends are for, to help one another in times of trouble. You can bet there is always someone who you know who can help you, someone on the end of a telephone line or in text.

You can move in an impulsive way, no sooner does an idea hit your brain, then you are thinking of making a move!


The implication here is that one makes sacrifices within the life and gives an impression to others of acting like a Samaritan; whether good or bad, depends on the nature of the personality. This is creativity of a high order, emotive and poetic, the giving without expecting anything in return.

You can always be at ‘Home’ to those who you shelter and feed, even feeling pity for the starving, that you give them the food from your mouth. You do make sacrifices and go without, giving up your bed for the night and offering ‘Mother-comforts’ to those who flock under your roof.

You are one who sacrifices the past hurts, forgiving those who had hurt you. You can be very sensitive and highly emotional at times, when the mood affects! You will always have to be careful of those who know how to soft-soap you, because yours is a trusting nature and quick to feel emotions, you soak up another’s tears like a large sponge and then offer all kinds of comfort.

This is why you have to be wary of those who cry crocodile tears for your benefit. Emotional insecurity sits heavy on you at times, so that you might often stay at home, feeling insecure and vulnerable when out in the open or in strange surroundings.

You do like to feel there are those around, members of the family, who will help you if ever things go wrong. Those, you know, who would put you up for the night, or a year, and give you a meal. Your biggest fear can be to be out on the street, homeless, in the wet and cold night with nothing to eat, even imagining it can curl your toes!

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