Tuesday, April 8, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Seventh House, then you can be proud of the way in which you relate to others, how easily you can communicate to others and put them at their ease; you can create an air of familiarity which others find comfortable, so that they will share their thoughts and feelings with you. In one respect, you would make a wonderful psychologist. Though this can work in reverse, simply because you might feel more comfortable and at ease by allowing a partner to create the sense of atmosphere which can make you feel right at home in, so you might just simply hand over the reigns of power to another.

You will gain a sense of pride and stability within a partnership, find another who will share in the joy of creating a stable relationship within the home, a partner who becomes the rock, the foundation on which the relationship is formed; and one whom will provide for the family within the union. It can easily be the case that you will gain a sense of identity through a relationship, that a partner gives you the emotional security which you need, a home and family, which is well-balanced.

You will not feel settled until you gain a partnership which, you feel, you can trust. You do have a deep intuitive sense and use this to psyche out those you relate to. You are not one who will accept others quickly, you are cautious and need to familiarize yourself to the nature of those you deal with.
Again; if you have children, then they might take pride of place in the home, or, on the other hand, you might get the feeling that your partner pays the children more attention than to you. It has to be known that your feelings are in tune with your partner, or who you relate to, so that any inharmonious feelings can unbalance the relationship, it is all a matter of give and take, not a marriage of convenience.

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