Tuesday, April 8, 2008



When you have the Sun in the Eighth House, then you might well be at home when exploring new avenues which broaden your emotional horizons. You are emotionally intense and may have to learn how to relax, through possible areas of meditation and exercises like Yoga, exercises which can have a strong spiritual essence and a taste of the exotic or Eastern culture.

In many respects you seek a knowledge of your spiritual nature, to understand your inner needs and, for this reason, might well go off in search of a teacher, a Guru, who might familiarize you with your inner ‘Soul’. You may have the gift of being able to become a medium, to sense atmospheres and have feelings of Déjà vu, able to go back to times past. You are driven by inner needs and will want to share what you feel with others that you trust. Often your mind can be lost in a maze of thoughts so you are not aware of those around you.

There will be times in the life when dramas can enforce changes, that you will make changes that help you evolve. You might well live abroad, travel to far-away places, in search of new beginnings. Though you are not one who likes changes, you much prefer a settled life, you will not be comfortable till you settle down in, what you feel, is ‘Home’, a place which has a nice atmosphere, that reminds you of the past in some way.

Inside, you do have constructive/destructive emotions which can be a controlling factor within the life, and it can be these emotive factors which can create havoc if you do not control them through sheer strength of will. You will journey through life, learning as you go and being taught. You will become familiar with changes and learn to accept them, ‘Endings and New Beginnings’.
Intimate relationships are the way through which you will find a settled and secure life.

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