Friday, April 11, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Eleventh House, then you would have flair for dealing with whatever might arise, so that you manage to act in an efficient and calm manner in any emergencies. You can reflect a calming nature and find you manage better when in familiar surroundings, working with friends or family and within a social atmosphere. You can have a large family of friends, groups with whom you network and meet up for meetings which might well have humanitarian aims.

You are rather spiritual and can work behind the scenes, for some large or parent organization, which has high ideals about the future prospects of the nation. When it comes to high ideals and thoughts of a peaceful existence, you do have a spirited outlook and are proud to be a member of that organization, even if that means rebelling against those who work against moral and family values.

In a way, this is how you realize your own worth, your personal identity, through areas of work and who you befriend. You are loyal to a cause and may show this by wearing a uniform or badge as an honour. Again; this will identify you as being a member of an organisation, a ‘Brotherhood/Sisterhood’, members of the same family; and it is within this organization that you will find the security of a reputation, status as one who stands up for what they believe in.

In a strange way, you can deal with forms of secret meetings, which create an air of drama. You might well be an actor, one who plays out family charades; it’s a fact that you may want to act as others do, with a sense of excitement and surrealism. Whatever the source of your spirited actions, your family rebellions and familiar slogans, you really want to impress the other members of the group that you stand out from the crowd!

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