Monday, April 14, 2008



Should all this Queenly love in brightness shine
When the lioness prides herself to the joys of life
Fierce are impassioned eyes to her cubs align
This protective nature against the jungle's strife

Purrs soft in maternal greeting, paw's affection
This proud love within the savage beast's breast
This love for cub has only one onward direction
To guard the safety and this one love's interest

No brighter Sun can rise in blue heaven's skies
Than the shining example of mother-child bond
No more prouder joy lies in any mother's eyes
Leonine creativity drawn from birthing wand

No stronger spirit played in all nature's worth
No finer hand could write in gentle poet's hand
Is love's bond extended from the baby’s birth
Forever, through life, Leo's love always stands

Warm, too, is this Leo's romantic, gambling, bent
Which surely creates the heat of mystical ride
No more is the flair of Sun's sky-ride lend
No more loyal is the Leo to have by your side

Poem by Ron S King.

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