Sunday, April 13, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Twelfth House, then you are well at home within an environment of peaceful rest and within the elements of a dream. You will look for a home which is naturally peaceful, which is safe and secure for your family, whom, you feel, it is your duty to protect, to stand behind. This is where you gain a sense of pride, to show out that you will fight if you have to, that you will not back down or away from any thread to those you are so proud of. You are the Lion, or Lioness, who protects the cubs!

It is often the case that you are somewhat insecure within the self and will dream up some emotive castle, which will fortify you against anyone or thing. In a sense you will sacrifice your own ‘Ego’, your own sense of security, when it comes to the ‘Family’. You will put up a spirited fight to save them, even if it means martyring yourself or your own beliefs. You are the natural leader, one who leads the young to a promised land. You will go without, so that others, the weak, will be fed and watered… You have a natural empathy and sympathy for those who are ‘Homeless’ and, in those cases, you will champion their cause, become the Knight in shining armour, natural instincts will come to the fore.

Basically; your instincts are to find a dream home, somewhere in natural surroundings which provide comfort and security, somewhere you can feel proud of; you might never feel secure until you have found such a ‘Haven’ and, having found this ideal place, will never want to leave.
You are spiritual and can find that security and peace will allow you time to produce more creative outlets, artistic in nature, areas whereby you can ‘Show-Off’, bring out for public display. There will be signs of this creativity within the home, in design and through inspirations, prompted by the security you feel, the settled feelings inside.

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