Tuesday, April 1, 2008



The basic nature of the Cancer Sun is termed as being…
This implies that the basic nature of the Cancer is somewhat cautious about opening out to the public and works through an emotional bias, sensitive to atmospheres and feelings, sometimes touchy about what is seen as ‘Personal remarks’.
Of all the Water Signs, Cancer is the one which will go directly for what it wants, emotional stability, a roof over the head and food in the larder as a secure feeling that it can nurture those under its roof.

Of course, the Crab can be moody (Crabby) at times, if it feels under the weather. The Cancer nature ‘Feels’ its way through life, always testing the atmosphere and is somewhat uncomfortable when out of its home. Cancer folk like to feel protected, a roof over the head, a castle from which they can defend if attacked. Cancer is not into open warfare and aggression, preferring to be a home-provider. Mind you, the nature is that Cancer can become defensively aggressive if they feel another is making personal remarks about the home and family.

Cancer folk have a long memory and often delve into the past as a way of escaping the hardships of the day, often referring to the past as ‘The Good Old Days.’. They are the collectors of the world, collecting memories and whatever takes their fancy, such collections become the ‘Family’ the ‘Children’ are cared for in a most sensitive way. They like familiarity and will dislike changes, anyone who attempts to rearrange the ‘Home-Feel’ in any way. Of all the Sun-Signs, Cancer is the most emotional and fluid, releasing tears and tantrums with ease. But the Cancer is a lot tougher than others think, a hard shell to break.

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