Wednesday, April 16, 2008



The basic nature of the Cancer Sun is termed as being…
This implies that the basic nature of the Leo Sun-Sign is to be direct in action, dealing with things in a positive and openly active light. The nature is fixed, very stubborn, in that, when the back is up then the Leo will refuse to move, back away or back down from whatever stands in front of it.

The Leo Sun-Sign is very protective by instinct, especially when it comes to protecting the children, the cubs which they have created in their likeness and of whom the Leo is very proud. The nature is to be very creative and to reflect a proud, often haughty, nature. The Leo is a friendly person and will often see with a group of friends, organizing the net outing or party. In a way, the Leo likes to court attention, to show-off in some way, to be admired and have an audience surrounding them. This is another reason why the Leo takes such pride in then children, because they have created them and so show the children off with a great show of pride.

Leo Sun is a born organizer and will take charge of anything which needs straightening out; Leo will be at the head and then happily delegate the work. Not that this Sun-Sign is afraid of work, the Leo will work His/Her heart out for a cause, seeking only, as a reward, a show of gratitude for the work or help given.
One understands the idea of friendship when one has a Leo friend. The Leo is courageous and loyal, a true friend who helps out, whatever the situation, as long as one does not tread on the Lion’s Tale or gets the Leo’s back up; it’s then you will hear the Lion roar!

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