Wednesday, April 2, 2008



When the sun sits in the Second House, then you will surround yourself with personal possessions, each having a brand-name on it so other recognize it as yours. What you own, what you collect and buy will be through the effort of financial security. Obviously; you will be in the housing market, needing to possess the best of quality and put your personal stamp on it.

There can be a tendency to clutter up the place with items of a communicative value, you might even own a book-store or a stationers. In some ways, you will collect items which give something to talk about, that inform; you might well be a collector of words, learning a new one each day, or post-cards, which come from all parts of the world, postage stamps even, which have been mailed to you from relatives.

You will buy things which enhance your sense of ownership, things of material value, things of ‘Family value’, which make you feel secure and give comfort in the home. Certainly; you would have photos, maybe in silver frames, of siblings and parents, even buy ‘Samplers’, stitched memorabilia from way back, which children made as a keepsake.

You are not one who will keep anything which has no value, worth
talking about. You enjoy familiar haunts and can visit old mansions and castles, enjoy tranquility and places near water. Once you get a ‘Feel’ for something, you will read about the object, or subject, of your desire, tend to familiarize yourself, so you know what you’re buying; and you rarely forget what you learn because you will always carry a price-book in your pocket.
You can be into cookery books, have a shelf-load, but old ones which are not the fashion. Items may not be worth much to others but bring memories back for you!

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