Sunday, March 2, 2008



When the Sun sits in Taurus in the Third House, then you promote yourself through areas of communication and the need to project a perfect marketing packet. You do intend to make your mark in the world, creating areas of work within the local environment, so that your ‘Name-Plate’, etched in gold letters, is fixed to an office door.

You can be quite proud of your communicative skills, seeking perfection within your work and quick to spot flaws in any work which comes under your notice. You can build up quite a reputation within forms of advisory service, offering written forms and make speeches which you ‘Doctor’ with your own brand of service to those who need your advice. Anything whereby you gain applause, or work which allows you to make the rules, can appeal to you. However; there can be those who see you as being intellectually arrogant. This implies a need to lower, or limit, your expectations, depending on just who you are dealing with. It’s just that some are not as ‘Word-Perfect’ as you are.

No matter what happens, you will gain a sense of appreciation, even applause, once you put yourself in service to others. It can be that you work within writing, creating books which have a more mechanical nature, than one of romance. You are more into ‘Down-To-Earth’ creativity, rather than any sense of abstractions. Mind you, there will always be a build-up of drama within the way to talk and write.

Your nature, while expressed through your communicative skills, can not be easy to classify, because you will tend to hide behind an act, be the Clark Kent, who reports incidences, but has the secret alto-ego of Superman! You may be a secret ‘Agony-Aunt’ or ‘Uncle’, someone who is always on hand to give advice on health and diets. Whatever happens, you will be proud to make your mark.

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