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Self-Projection means, the way one projects themselves out into the public eye; how others see them, though not necessarily how they really are. How one goes through life, the basic energy to secure what is needed is an instinctive self-projective measure, either within an aggressive or defensive mode.

You really project yourself as a homely person, one whose purpose in life is to be there for the family unit.
You are often the head chef and bottle-washer, who rules the roost, the mother-hen who clucks away, making sure the family is well-fed and watered.

You can also be the breadwinner in many cases, taking the head seat at the table and ensuring there is always a roof over your family home and food in the larder.
You can be very self-protective at times, quick to feel it if anyone were to make any remarks about you or your family. While you may present a hard shell to the world, it’s a fact that you a quite soft inside and the ego is very close to the surface. When upset, you can be very direct, but your normal route is to go around the houses.

The family is the thing you fight for and you fight when you quickly feel others threaten your sense of emotive comfort.
To a degree, you take a defensive stance in this world and will only retaliate when you or those close are threatened
by anyone outside the family. Your home is your castle, outside it, you feel vulnerable.


What is meant by Financial Security is the way in which you protect yourself through a sense of material possessions. It implies the need to own, in a practical and material sense, so that it gives a solid foundation. You might buy a house so that roots are put down, a base from which you can work.

The implication is what you would need to possess in life as a practical building block so that you feel secure.
When it comes to finance; pride can be a problem, in that it can be very hard to ask others to help you out with a loan. In many respects, if you have children and grandchildren, you may never be rich, simply because your money is spent on their welfare.

When it comes to financial security, you work through a sense of pride. You will always manage to rake up some money for food and children’s clothes, even know how to create substance from a few crusts and some old material. First; you will never ask another to help you finance your children’s welfare, that is beneath your dignity, as it is to see your children made fun of because of poor representation. You always will have the power to create ways of making money and love to buy or own things which represent wealth…But you never go over the top, lashing out on gold; you understand that money in the bank is always there if a golden opportunity comes along.

You will take a gamble on something, like winning the lottery, but not if it puts you or your children at financial risk!


The spirit of communication implies the way in which one thinks, one’s method of logic, expressed through mediums of speech and writing. It is how one communicates within the local environment, the way information is gained and communicated to others. This is an area of everyday conversation, what one might talk about and who to. The sense is light-hearted and conducted in a spirited way.

You work in an advisory capacity, more inclined to offer words of advice rather than just simply chatter on about anything. You are more a listener; one who thinks over what is being said, before giving an answer, analysing and sifting any question so that it make perfect sense.

You are always reasonable with others and like to be there for those who need you, more comfortable giving answers than asking questions yourself. You can always work within the advisory service, or as one who makes corrections to written work, the one who will spot a mistake a mile away, though not make such a big deal about it, simply keep it in mind.

Generally; you are a good speller and neat communicator, both in your written work and within speech; you say what ‘Needs’ to be said. When all is said and done, you can work with practically anyone who needs your help.

There is nothing airy-fairy about your thinking, though you do tend to worry over the smaller things, while allowing the larger things in life to pass by. Your mind is a logical magnifying glass and you use it in a very logical way!


Emotional Security is all bout how one feels, one’s sense of atmosphere and how one ‘Feels’ about the past; in the way the past reflects on how one deals with the present. If you had had a good early home-life, the past kind to you, this would be reflected in the way you react to present situations, and vice-versa.

Emotional Security is all about atmospheres and our reactions to them.
You are one who relates easily to a homely and comfortable atmosphere. You are not into bad or noisy atmospheres, where there are rows and rows; mind you, you are not into silence neither. You relate to nature and a natural balance in all things, the idea of give and take. You will always try to make a home comfortable, a place where others can rest in peace, you give your attention to anything which sets off a gentle atmosphere; but you will move out if others only take what you offer without giving you that same sense of harmony in return.

You can feel very much at home in places like churches and nature reserves, places where there is a feeling of acceptance and where the worries and wars of the world cannot affect you. It can hurt your to read of turbulence and wars, of violence and hate, at such times, you are liable to retreat into your home and lock the door, all you seek is a heart full of peace and quiet, a place where you find relative peace and emotional security.

In life, you would feel that a partner who can offer you this sanctuary is one who can provide all the ‘Mother-Comforts’!


Natural Creativity implies where one has natural flair, a need to show-off what comes naturally, be it your children, creative ideas or taking a chance on romance. A gamble and sense of fun comes under the influence of natural creativeness, as does poetry and other artistic forms.

Your life can go through changes and challenges, especially when children are born. What makes you really proud is the fact that all you have has been gained through what you and your partner have created. This implies that you are very proud of your part in procreating whatever is in your life; your children are at the very heart of you and you will be determined to secure for them what they need. In a strange way, it can always seem that the partnership between you and the person who shared in the joy of having children, seems to wane; as if you are then determined to make it on your own in some way, to be determined that children, or any creative ideas of yours, becomes the sole objects of your concern.

Often this can be where finance is concerned, in that finance is not shared as a resource so that you determine to make it yourself and might begin to undermine the joint venture.
Strangely; you might find it hard to be creative on your own, that you need a partner to innovate ideas or for the obvious intention of procreation.

You really are a determined soul and take pride in the fact that you can overcome most challenges in life and are a strong believer in fate, in Kismet and Karma!


By Practical Co-Working is meant how you apply yourself to any form of practical work, and how you get along with co-workers. This also applies to your sense of time and how you deal with detail as well as the sense of tidiness within your work. This gives an idea of your method and practical knowledge as well as ideas about health and dietary habits.

You are one who will always enthuse others with your ideas that they should not give up hope. You can always put yourself on the line by promising yourself and others all the help they need! You really can stretch yourself, always willing to help others out in a very positive manner. You really know how to make things work and are full of ideas.

Often; you can feel you have tied yourself down by over-promising to help out, so you would have to learn to take stock of time and not over-extend your work-load. You never play favourites or refuse appeals from others, no matter who asks for your aid, or what the purpose is.

You have a very broad range of interests and really care about the smaller things in life. Animals and those who need your service, the sick and the ailing will always get your attention. You are a great sport in that you never take sides, although, often, you have more feeling for the underdog.

You can work with anyone, co-operative and cheerful, you like variation and will soon look for other options if given dull or boring routines. There are times when you do tend to magnify things to a worrying degree, but never show it!


Love is a sense of equality, your sense of ‘Give and Take’ within a relationship. This implies what attracts you, a magnetic quality which draws you in. At the same time, relationships can also imply open relationships and friendships, which are not tied down to domestication. This can also have reference to business partnerships and partnerships which have similar tastes.

You might well seek a partner who is beneath your status in life. The problem can be that you fear rejection, so you may not be willing to approach those who seem to be above you in some way. Although, it can also be that you might well choose a partner who would take on the senior role of authority.

In many respects; you may well choose to marry someone older than yourself, one who has status and standing , a reputation of some kind, or remain married to a career. You might put the two together and marry the boss!

Relationships can be hard for you to accept, in that it can be hard work for you to relate to love as poets see love. You tend to judge love as something which has to be worked at so that some sort of balance is achieved. You might feel that you are often the loser in the world of give and take, that you are the object of love, rather than the subject.

The possibility is that you might well hold off from marrying till later, the old maxim of ‘Marry early, Relent at leisure’, can hold you back. Relationships seem to work better later in the life than when young, but, even so, love is a hard learning curve and has to be worked at!


Shared Resources imply the way one gains from any partnership and how one deals with beginnings and endings. This gives an idea of how one secures the self through areas of joint venture and how one sees any sense of loyalty from another. It is also assessment of basic emotions and hidden qualities which can come to light in the life.

When it comes to shared resources; you are ever hopeful of what lies within the future and are always ready to retry whatever has failed before! You are extremely intuitive and can make some very shrewd guesses as to what is going on around you. As much as you would be determined to keep a stabilised relationship, there can always be sudden upheavals which cause sudden endings and new beginnings which might also involve legal proceedings.

In many respects, you are destined to become independent from binding sources, which can give a sense of frustration and having no control over your fate… In a way, a determination of fate can shock you and those around you. Strangely, too, is an underlying urge to leave something to the children and grandchildren, as if you are ‘Willed’ to do this. Life is so full of unexpected shocks for you and you can be left simply holding the baby or a life’s termination.

You really are determined to see the future plans brought to fruition and this can mean you rebel against normality as far as partnerships are concerned and can end associations, to begin again with a new friendship.


What is meant by expansion through experience is a measure of how and what one might learn through Deeper studies, or travel to far off lands, or a mixture of both, that one might travel to distant lands and gain experience of foreign cultures which enlivens the mind. Often, this experience is geared towards a spiritual uplift.

It can always be that you can experience a higher creative sense, almost as if you can lose yourself in dreams at times. Anything which has a spiritual significance can draw you, things such as dream interpretation are magnetic… However; you really do have dreams of going world-wide, dreaming about visiting unexplored worlds and learning about foreign cultures. You are not really into deep studies, although Geography can be attractive to you, as is History.

But to have to sit and study these classes deeply, taking up all your time, you would soon be looking round for a means of escape; and escape would come from drifting into day-dreaming. However; you do learn from visual concepts, from pictures and losing yourself into films about wild animals and foreign travel.

Old films in black and white can fascinate you, the way people lived in the old days.. You would much rather lose yourself in these than suffer the time in reading books about the subjects. You can go to heaven or hell in your dreams. You have a vast reservoir of imagination which can always place you in the picture. When it comes to it, you are very spiritual and the past can hold the key to your history.


By reputation and career, is meant how one wants to be seen by those in authority, and how one wants to be looked-up to, with respect, depending on what kind of reputation one gets. The implication is what one wants to achieve, within career and status in life, especially within maturity. In all, this is about how one deals with those in authority.

You might have to wait until you learn to accept authority before your work for things and things work for you; the main problem can be impatience, wanting things to happen quickly so that you gain a reputation as being somewhat selfish and not willing to accept any kind of judgement. It’s often the case of putting all your energy into a job which gains you a rise in status, the promotion.

You may never be happy sitting at the bottom of the pile; impatient to do things your own way so that you run, often before you have learned the ropes so that falling from grace, when young, can be inevitable. Time is important to you and you really hate being late, so you are the original early bird, the first into work and the first to leave.

Time really is your enemy, because you don’t give yourself the time to work things out or allow others to show you how to go about projects; in the end, you will make it but career and reputation works for you once you have taught yourself to give yourself time to check things over. It really doesn’t matter what you work at, you will always project yourself the same way, putting yourself forward so you reach the top!


By stating future hopes and wishes is meant what is expected to happen with regards to the future. There is also social order to reason with, friends, too, who might rise one up the social ladder. This is all about the future prospects, although the element of reversals are always present, and not always taken into account.

It’s often the case that you have the desire to be independently wealthy, never to have to borrow from others, or feel you are given social security, government benefits; as if you are being bought. However; you may well plan, when you are rich, to buy stocks or shares, or property which gives you financial security later in the life.

While you might plan with all the care and consideration of an accountant, there will be times when lightening strikes and sudden bills can cause bankruptcy. You would have to expect the unexpected when dealing with finance and the use of professional advisors, like solicitors and lawyers are always advised.

Though you can be one who likes to plan ahead, to save for the proverbial ‘Rainy Day’, you can’t always bank on it being there exactly when you need it. Thankfully; you will keep building up the bricks and mortar, no matter how hard the wind blows. You can have ambitions to possess beautiful things, but if you forget to check the prices then the ivory just might come from a ‘White Elephant’.

You do know that finance brings influence, and that is no high price to pay when aiming for the top rung of the social ladder.


The implication here is that one makes sacrifices within the life and gives an impression to others of acting like a Samaritan; whether good or bad, depends on the nature of the personality. This is creativity of a high order, emotive and poetic, the giving without expecting anything in return.

When the Zodiac Sign of Gemini covers the Twelfth House then it is often the case that you sacrifice the sense of communicating what you know by way of keeping secrets. You would not find it in your heart to say anything, you feel, would cause hurt. It’s a case of serving good causes and sympathising with those you hear about who suffer.
If you hear another cry, you will soon find yourself in tears. You will find it very hard to have deaf ears when others appeal to you for help.

You would be attracted to those who can communicate with your sense of spiritual and secret values, those who can write or speak in a secret and imaginative way, who’s words can inspire you and give you dreams. It can be that one only says what you may want to hear, communicating illusions which offer escape from the life which has no voice.

A voice on the phone or through other forms of media can always set your imagination working. Silence can cause you to become insecure, you need to clear the air with communication, to understand what another feels about you.

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