Saturday, March 29, 2008



Soft is the silver touch of this Luna Lady's hand
Quiet are the memories which structure the mind
No bold approach would this Lady understand
Needs time to sense comfort's feel, intuitively find

Love's no big rush to guarantee such fast-fit fool
More lasting is this emotion's intentional sense
Stand back to inspect while the feelings are cool
Luna Lady's love is not cheapened, no recompense

Emotional security's dire to the nurturing breast
Feed from family's love and give whole in return
Life's import is wholesale, to feather the nest
To keep whole the roof and history is to learn

Lady Luna's love is emotional, the family's home
Fond memories, to keep silver memories in store
To keep things as they are, there's no wish to roam
To treasure the love shared, to have evermore

It matters little wherever you feel you ought to go
All your actions are on a strong managing run
As if intuitive antenna empowers you to know
What needs caution, when reflection’s done

Poem by Ron S King.

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