Thursday, March 6, 2008



When the Sun sits in Taurus in the Seventh House, then you are liable to seek growth through areas of relationships. Often this means that you will relate to a partnership which can be more of a business than a domesticated harmony; in that it can become a working partnership, whereby you might allow another to take the reigns, to make the decisions when it comes to spending finances.

It is not that you are weak, it’s just that you might be one who overspends, or can never quite make up your mind as to what to purchase, so it is far easier to let the partner be the head of the company you keep. You are not into disharmony or disruptions, rather you take pride in keeping the peace and will pay anything for a quiet life. All you might really want is some appreciation and applause for what you do and for what you own.

You want a partner who you can be proud of, one who gives stability, that others look up to, another who has a reputation for good business sense, one who knows the price of love and who values your worth. In a way, it is through partnerships that you do gain the sense of ‘Self-Worth’, that a partner gives you an idea of how much they treasure you. Mind you, love might be weighed up in carats, worth its weight in diamonds or gold; it can be that financial stability and security is what relationships is all about.
The thing is, how much would you pay out for friendship, or to have friends in high places you are proud to have?

You have a taste for beauty and the good things in life and are willing to pay out for them. You are attracted to power and those with a reputation; but you also know you cannot buy love or friendships, nor will your sense of pride allow you to be bought, not for love or money.

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