Friday, March 7, 2008



When the Sun sits in Taurus in the Ninth House, then you really can push your luck to whatever financial horizons you see as possible new ventures, dreams which have hidden values. However; you would have to watch the markets, and be wary of stretching your finances too far, otherwise you can find yourself lost on foreign grounds, confused by all the enthusiasm of a strange language.

Often, this combination will bring a sense of restlessness to the nature, a need to evolve and grow, to self-define the self through deeper studies, to grow rich in a soulful way, to grow in a moral and spiritual way, which can take you on trips to places which have a religious and mythological feel to them, places like India and the Middle East, cradles of belief.
You do have a strong self-belief, which can lead you on many strange journeys. You may dream of owning a home somewhere where you can live in peace and spiritual harmony; even sell your dreams to others, so that finances are secured in this way, holidays abroad, in ‘Out of the way places’.

You are not one to shout your business abroad, in fact others might find you hard to assess in company. You are a listener, rather than a talker, though your mind is taking stock of those who do talk. In many respects, this is the nature of a shrewd businessman, one who can play poker, or who plays it cool. But you do know how to strike up a good deal of enthusiasm when it comes to talking a good deal, that’s when the listening pays off.

Whatever broadens your mind, any experiences which will pay you to study, will capture your imagination, travels which can impress you; you can be a mine of information, on a practical level, but the dream ends when you come down to earth.

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