Monday, March 3, 2008



When the Sun sits in Taurus in the Fourth House, then you can be expected to promote yourself through what you own and the possessions that are arranged as a show-case within the home. Often; property can be high on the agenda, as well as relating to collectables, collections which can evoke memories of the past.

It can be the case that you might take over as the head of a company which was a family concern, especially if it is a property market venture, which you can manage to cope with in a proud way, proud of your portfolio.
In a way, your financial ventures are strongly tied up with emotional values; to have a settled sense of comfort and a partner who will back you up, is all you need to ‘Feel’ at Home’ in yourself. It can be the case that you might even marry another who brings you into the family business.
Again; you will need a home, a palace which you are very proud of, having built up yourself up from nothing, a mansion within which, you can relate to business and work from.

You can be drawn to food, to open a restaurant or a range of shops which have taste and style.
But there would have to be a sense of age to whatever you do, for your nature is to look back at earlier times, a need to leave it all behind you, to acquire forms of properties which gives a sense of pride, yet, always, you will relate to what you have left, perhaps feeling it to be a stigma, that, should anyone criticize your past, you would be quick to become angry and retaliate.

Generally; you rely on tact and diplomacy, becoming well used to dealing with others, relating well to those who want the best from you; to you, it’s all a matter of business and creating an atmosphere, an ambience, which puts others in a good mood, always ready to applaud your worth.

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