Saturday, March 22, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Sixth House, then you are proud of the way you work with others so that things are kept in good order. In a sense, your orders to those whom you delegate to, keep the ball rolling, you are the mental mainspring which winds the clock up and keeps things on time. It’s often the case that you will share your abilities and mental agility with a partner, becoming a partner within a business, though you might consider yourself the brains behind the outfit.

You do have a knack for solving problems, proud of the way in which you use your mind so that you deduce answers, bringing to light the files and folders which provide the clues. You can be seen as a researcher, the one who digs for the truth of things. You might also be one who likes to be on hand, to use your hands, in a method of reconstruction; taking a clock apart to see how it works, then use the parts to construct a clockwork model. You are inventive and mindfully inquisitive.

You really are not into dull or boring routines, often passing them onto junior partners. You like to keep fit and will enjoy anything which exercises the mind, solving cross-word puzzles and other games which tax the brain. Perhaps you like to keep busy so your active and ever-busy mind does not dwell on health problems; but you do put yourself to work, so that you gain recognition you’re the hours you put in and for the help and advice you give to others.

You are always a ‘Mine’ of information and keep up with the latest news, in this way others have to come to you, so you can point them in the correct way, make them see the light. When you set out to make discoveries, to uncover things, you are fixed in your endeavors and do not give up easily, working all hours in the dark
Till you bring things out into the open!

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