Thursday, March 27, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Eleventh House then you can be certain that you will project yourself as a leading light where friendships and social attitude is concerned. This is where you shine, among your friends, networking through updated areas, always full of fresh ideas, your notebook full as you venture out into an exciting world. In many respects, you will have friends who you value, those who can help drive you up the social ladder… It’s a case of ‘Knowing what you know and who you know’!

When it comes to socializing, you are always to be found upfront and proud to have so many social contacts, those you have cultivated. Mind you, you do have set ideas and will pursue them. What might started out as a hobby might well become the ‘Written Word’, the rules as you make them. Your mind is one of high ideals, you do value your humanitarian aims and might find work through such ideals. In many respects, what you do in life, what you hope to achieve, will give you a personal sense of identity, a name-plate so others know who you are and what you stand for.

There is no doubting you do have aspirations and ambitions, to be in a position whereby you can ‘Show-Off’ your worth. You do have personal goals and strong communicative skills. Mind you, there will be times when you use you words as a shock-tactic, suddenly changing tack, which makes others suddenly sit up and take notice of you. You do intend to be heard and will shout out and act in quick flashes of wit and brilliant thinking.

It’s all about putting yourself in front, so others see your are a person of your word, loyal to your friends and fixed in intention.
You are, indeed, your own showcase, one who leads the gang, socially, whether on a wild goose-chase or determined effort to
oust the ‘Old Brigade’, you are the shining light, never one to hide in the shadows!

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