Thursday, March 20, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Fifth House, then you can be overly proud of the way you can relate to others, your friendships and the way your social calendar is always fully booked. There are times when others might accuse you of being ‘Big-Headed’, simple because you do seem to have an answer for everything. But you really are no ‘Flash-In-The-Pan’, when you have something to say, you simply say it.

You can always be the one who sets the party scene, who brightens up the social function and makes the speeches. There can always be an aura of drama about you, for you will tend to act for an audience and like others to applaud what you do as a show of appreciation. You are never shy and will make approaches to those who catch your fancy, in fact you can always be a little mischievous and flirtatious. Out in front, though never meaning to be malicious of spiteful.

You can relate to children in a very easy way, having the younger set quickly joining your games and laughing at your sense of fun. When it comes to ‘Play’, you like to see ‘Fair Play’ and will quickly speak up for the ‘Underdog’ or those who are being treated unjustly. You have a keen sense of what is right or wrong and can bring diplomacy and tact into play, to cool matters down.

It can always be that romance and affairs of the heart will have some dramatic effects in your life. You are a natural romantic and will enjoy those who think as you do, certainly, you are one who will have the phone always in hand and letters arriving from admirers. You are full of novel ideas and creative interplay; not one to get caught, you like to be foot-loose and fancy-free; flitting about as a social butterfly… Always the life and soul of the party and always with something to say!

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