Tuesday, March 18, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Fourth House, then you are very mindful of your history, your past and the need to write yourself into a new lineage. You can have a mountain full of worries, which can reflect from the past, but you would have been determined to lift yourself out of the wherever you came from, using you mentality to give a sense of perfection, to have a perfect life and home.

You might well feel very much at home within a library, even have a collection of books and writing materials which make your home a work of literary art. Your knowledge could be within food and diets, so that you have books about these facts, in proud place on the bookshelf. Again; you would have an interest in medical facts and ways of staying healthy, you might even write a book on herbal influences and organic foods; your mind can be geared towards giving advice to others, helping those who need your opinions.

Your early conditioning may well have to do with how you receive advice, or give it, you might well state that things should be as they were in the ‘Old days’, or food should be cooked as your Mother cooked them. In a way, you are into history and the benefits gained from earlier times.

So, in way, you do derive a sense of personal identity from within your home and the past.
You would be a note-writer, one who keeps the self informed, about dates and shopping lists, so that you can have a waste-paper basket full of used scraps and walls full of ‘Pinned’ advice.You are always busy and ready to give a hand to whoever asks for help; a home full people who wish to pick your brain.

Your hands are continually at work, keeping your hand in with getting things right, sorting things out and putting things in perfect working order.

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