Monday, March 24, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Eighth House, then you are one who will seek some form of reputation through sheer determination and mental drive. Your mind is alive with ideas and strong intuitive forces which help you gain a position you can be proud off.
In a way, you make gains through the sense of sharing your knowledge so that you gain a reputation through what and who you work with. You can produce creative ideas which are used to transform the mentality of others. You may also be into forms of mysticism and mysteries, such dark knowledge will always intrigue you.

In a way, you will seek another who works and thinks the same way as you, a crony who will partner you in your drive towards seeking applause for the discoveries you make. At times, you are very much into yourself, quiet and secretive, keeping things to yourself till you think you can bring them into the light.

You have the makings of a psychologist or detective, using deductions and intuition to uncover the truth of what is sought. Your mind can be very intense and researching, a writer who likes to delve into drama of the mind, to often work, simply for the applause from those who judge the work of others. In a way, you seek self-identity, to realize who and what you are. Chances are, you will go through mind-changes as to what career you take on. You may decide to change your whole career at some time in your life, or to work under an assumed name.

Transformation is the thing, perhaps a need to change everything and begin again, in such a way that you end up by accepting the responsibilities of high office, after all, you will want applause for the work you do and a partner who has the same interests, one who can read your mine and you theirs!


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