Wednesday, March 26, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Tenth House, then career and status, one’s reputation becomes a priority, in that one seeks to boost the ‘Ego’ by climbing high, as far as work and standing within the community goes. You will tend to be judged by the work you do and the effort you put into organizing your life. In this way, you will be cautious that no mistakes are made and that you learn the art of patience and timing.

You will learn, in your life, to accept responsibility for your actions and for any written or spoken words that becomes public information. In this way, you will, in your life, undergo examinations, be judged, take written tests and learn to stop dreaming, to come down to earth. You will know that taking high responsibility means there is no play-time, no time for childish efforts; life is a serious business.

Your life can be somewhat solitary, in that you might spend much time in study so that you fulfill obligations, what is expected of you. There’s no doubt you will have high office in life, this can come through writing and communicative skills. Mind you, the aim is not to be too severe on yourself, to become too self-critical and to be constructive when others are critical, to see criticisms as advice and not meant to lower the value of your work.
At the same time, you would have to learn to be less severe on those who are not as bright or as studious as yourself.

One has to watch out for ambition, that you do not place your dreams of high authority, career and social status, to become the over-riding factor in life, that it does not rob you of family and social life; or that you lock yourself in through forms of inferiority, that you will never get up there and fear of failure; you have to set your mind to the task.

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