Wednesday, March 12, 2008

POEM... The Gemini Sun.


Mercurial sign in communication's robe
Silver-tongued is all gossip's ready guise
Would you message others around the globe
To keep them in mind’s attention wise

So versatile is the ready spirited mind
That you may always seek to be multi-task
And have your hands in whatever they find
Keeps them busy, whatever mind asks

Sometimes in a sense of contrary thought
Does Gemini change the mind real fast
To lose any fixed mind’s logical thought
In stale suffocated Air, Gemini will never last

Some might accuse the thought of madness
Of thinking outside of all conscious mode
But no Gemini’s mind has this brain’s sadness
For method in madness is this sign's code

Although you have a capabilities strength
Of positive outlook and such mental clout
One thing is, you have long talking length
And communication you can’t do without

Poem by Ron S King.

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