Saturday, March 15, 2008



The basic nature of the Gemini Sun is termed as being…
This implies that the basic nature of the Gemini is positive and seeks to relate through areas of communication. The nature is adaptable and the tendency is for the mind to be quick and agile,

The reason the name ‘The Twins’ is given to Gemini is that there is a tendency for the Gemini to always be in two minds, or to use that quick mind to outfox another by saying one thing but meaning another. Gemini uses the sense of logic and method to rationalize what is said, this can often lead to an argumentative nature. Not that the Gemini mind is spiteful; the Gemini is happy by nature and can be mischievous; many comedians have a Gemini make-up and like to make others laugh with quick one-liners.

Gemini does not like anything which will keep the mind occupied on one subject for too long, the Gemini is a nimble thinker, quickly grasping a content then moving on, the mind full of commas and full-stops, which, when seen, makes a certain sense to the reader.
Gemini can become bored and restless, always seeking new avenues of communicative adventure, gaining information and passing it on to others.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury; and wherever this planet sits, under what Zodiac Sign, will give an idea of how the mentality will work. But in whatever house of the Zodiac Gemini occupies, will show what area of the life the mind is active in a positive way. While the mentality of the Gemini can seem a little frenetic and illogical at times, a mind-madness, it has to be known that, with Gemini, there is always a method in the ‘Madness’.

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