Monday, March 17, 2008



When the Sun in Gemini sits in the Second House, then you can bet you have your fingers in a few financial pies. It’ a case that you can have more than one job, or one which gives you room to maneuver and use your mental skills. You can be just as good working a cash register as you can in totting up accounts. However; if such work keeps you to a shop-floor, then you will quickly walk out, seeking somewhere whereby you can communicate with others, move about in the local environment.

When it comes to financial security; you do tend to worry about things, the phone bill, which is always high due to your need for communication and gaining information. But you can let things get out of hand in that you allow positive thought to over-ride the feelings of putting your house in order. You might have a diary but note what goes on around you and homes you have to visit, rather than noting when bills have to be met.

You can be attracted to buying collections, maybe small novelties which can amuse and keep your mind busy. You will be interested in anything which brightens up the home and posters of far-away places. You can also have an interest in visits to old castles and haunts, places which have a history to them. In a way, the past has a way of keeping you busy, as if the past holds the key to emotive and financial security and something to write home about.

You might always become an author, one who writes historical novels, or tales taken from you past, about adventures with siblings. When it comes to siblings, you might always write and keep in touch, especially if you travel away on business and need to keep in touch with the ‘Old Place’. Whatever happens in life, you will be proud of the way in which your mind works, when it comes to making sure you are financially secure.

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