Monday, March 10, 2008



When the Sun in Taurus sits in the Eleventh House, then you are one who thrives in an atmosphere of ambitious takeovers. You do have aspirations to belong to groups who deal in areas of high finance. It can always be a case of ‘Keeping up with the Joneses!’
Inside; you will wish to become successful, hope to create ways of making it to Capital Hill, to move up the social scale, to have a house on top of a hill, a mansion, a secure property which can only rise in value.

Whether you are rich or poor, you look to future prospects and might take a gamble with cash, then learn that only a careful build-up and hard work can secure the amount you need to get your foot on the bottom of the property ladder. You can always be a City-Whizz-kid, working among those who deal with stocks and shares, or within a financial group who speculate on property deals. You might have to get used to the prices suddenly rising and falling; but you are proud of the way you might lead the project, one who stands proudly out in front, often a financial rebel who will take a chance.

You can be drawn into working with ‘Humanitarian’ aims, updating Social housing projects, or finding that you are the chief fund-raiser for a political group. You are ambitious, there’s no doubt about it, and will proudly put yourself forward; and, always, there will be some financial reward for the work you to, whatever you do, it pays you to do so. And you also know that, when it comes to moving up the financial market and social ladder, it’s not what you know but ‘Who’ you know!

You will seek applause for the help you give, from those who benefit from your work. It’s a matter of appreciation and recognition, this drives you on towards high office!

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