Friday, March 28, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Twelfth House, then you might simply hide your light, stay in the shadows and simply dream about personal ownership, your sense of worth. Not that you might dream of owning but what the value of possessions are worth. You would have sympathy with those who have nothing, your mind empathising with what you read or hear about, those of the ‘Third World’, who are homeless and starve.

One has to understand that the complexity of mind can become confused, that emotive and spiritual sense over-rides the more material nature, so that you are to proud to accept anything offered, but to give away what you have.

In a way, you might spend some time alone, seeking solace, deep within your own thoughts, needing some idea of personal identity, of what you are worth and how you might evolve, so you work for the benefit of others. Your mind is a restless spirit and you can often seek escape from all the noise, so that you give yourself ‘Time to think.’ It can be that you will become a writer, one who can earn financial security through the art of being able to put down, in words, the creative drama which comes through from the sense of imagination. Perhaps you are capable of creating children’s books or able to create impressions which are very readable.

Psychologically; you would have a problem as to how you deal with finance. You do have rational dreams, of being able to afford all that you dream about, all that impresses you, yet, at the same time, how do you make dreams come true when, all the time, you simply dream about such riches? In the end, you might well gain insight through areas of dream interpretation or hand-writing analysis!

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