Monday, March 17, 2008



When the Sun sits in Gemini in the Third House, then you will always speak up, communicate in a way that is highly creative. You do have an ingenious mind, very capable of creating stories which are characterized by high drama and romance. Again; you will gain a reputation for quick thinking and the way you can take the lead, when it comes to public speaking, especially when it comes to lightening the seriousness of any situation and making others laugh with a quick wit and a joke.

You can always work with children, you know how to talk their language, to get them to listen to you and lose themselves in your creative stories. You are also very capable of gaining a reputation for travel. You are never happy being tied down to any laborious task or stuck in one place; in this way, you can always be on the move, some form of roving reporter, working for the media in some way, or within translation of foreign languages, you really do have many mental facets at your fingertips and can do many things at once as you multitask your way through life.

You might have to be careful that you do not seem mentally arrogant, in that you can always be at the top of the class, the leader of the ‘Mind-Gang’; so that you tend not to have time for those who are ‘Mentally’ beneath you, or that you ‘royally’ give little time to the lower classes. But the Gemini nature can get you in and out of trouble, your tongue can be brave and speak without thought, so that reactions to your speech can give dramatic escapades.

Here again, you can be too proud to bend at the knee and might find it very hard to apologise or back away, you are a skilled leader and mindful of your position, so you do know how far to go, except when challenged, then you will accept any examination, certain you will get top marks!

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