Tuesday, March 4, 2008



When the Sun sits in Taurus in the Fifth House, then you can always be over-proud of whatever you create, especially if there is a financial gain from it. To a degree, you will spend a princely sum on making sure that what you create is well catered for; this means that, children born to you, will get the very best money can buy, it is a matter of principal and pride.

You can achieve quite a lot in life, you have the capability to do well and create the chances which can bring in funds which are then used to purchase those things which are passed on for further gain. Mind you, there are times when you can become reckless and gamble on a chance which loses you all you have acquired, so that you might have to start all over again, In a strange way; it is not until you create a child that your ideas about property and a need to acquire security take a change, Before that, you might well have spent money on those things which gave you pleasure.

You do have a rich taste when young, with a sensual need for love and romance, as, too, you are passionate about whatever you do. Again; love can have a dramatic effect within the life, enforcing changes and new beginnings, though you do have the patience to time things so they work for you. There is a need to gain recognition and the hope can be that a child will do very well in life, for which you get the praise; well worth paying out for and playing the waiting game for a return of dividends.

By nature, you are a cautious person and may not let everyone know what you are up to. You dislike being criticized or have mistakes pointed out by others; but you also learn, in life, to curb your pride and take your time in building up the stockpile. Even so, your talent for creativity gets you renown.

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