Tuesday, March 11, 2008



When the Sun in Taurus sits in the Twelfth House, then there would be a strong spiritual influence in the way you deal with finance. It can be in your nature to feel pity for those who starve and are without, you are one who will be charitable and give.
However; one has to realize that you can always give to the poor and gain rewards for your work, or seek tax-returns which outweigh the money given to charity.
When the Sun sits in the Twelfth House, it can work in two ways, for good or bad.

Often, there can be periods when you might simply go into forms of hiding, it can be that you need the solitude to think things over, to even consider giving everything away and living the simple life, give your mind up to higher ideals, to speak up for those of the ‘Third World’, to write and make speeches. Often, the Twelfth House gives a sense of inferiority and disillusionment; and you might sacrifice all you have the good of humanity.
It can be that ‘Silence is Golden’.

Mentally; you can keep your thoughts to yourself, but you would intend to have your say, to espouse your ideals. But again, you do have strong materialistic values and it can be hard to have high ideals, to make sacrifices which leave you homeless and financially short. In this way, you might have hidden agendas, secret accounts which will keep you high and financial sound, when others think you as poor as the proverbial ‘Church Mouse’.

You are in this life to do a higher good and to gain recognition for that fact, to have others talk of your good and generous nature; the fact is, you would certainly know the difference between a ‘Giver’ and a ‘Taker’. Whatever road is taken, yours is a good one, simply because you need to have a name to be proud of.

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