Sunday, March 23, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Seventh House, then you are one who might well have pen-friends, internet friends from all over the world, friends who will broaden your intelligence and who you can pass on information they need. Basically; you can be a teacher, one who relates to those who want to broaden their horizons; you might even give speeches at social functions and write books on various subjects.

Mind you; it can also be the case that you seek another who is a Guru, who is a master of knowledge and one whom you allow to instruct you through forms of spiritual passage, enthuse you so you accept what this teacher tells you; and often, this Guru can be from far a-field, has a different way of talking and writing.
But you would learn from such a person, another who will stretch your mind, so that you have something to talk about when in company.

The mind can be drawn to philosophical studies and forms of social and cultural differences as far as politics and religions are concerned. However; you are not one who likes to dwell on one thing at a time and might have more than one teacher, those drawn from a world-wide collection. You are into relationships, flirtatious to a degree, having more than one ongoing at a time, but you prefer those who can mentally stimulate you and those who are never too serious.
While you might admire the Professors, the academics, and those who are intrepid travelers, you like to keep things light and on the move, not into concentration but into short bursts and short adventures.

It can be hard to relate to another unless a fine balance is drawn up, that there is ‘Give and Take’ within the relationship, otherwise you might always be the pupil and not the personal trainer!

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