Saturday, March 8, 2008



When the Sun sits in Taurus in the Tenth House, then reputation and status is all about financial security, the final outcome, the last stock-take and cashing in at the end of the life.
You are one who will take on responsibility, gain a reputation for making sure that all commitments are kept, that the reckonings and earnings are without blemish, so others cannot accuse you of making mistakes and that those under you have to go without. You are the chief cashier, the manager of the bank, the one who deals with property which has high maintenance.

This is the way you project yourself, proudly; as one who can be trusted and who takes pride in having high office. There is no doubt, you will gravitate in life, through efforts of career, within possessions, property and ownership. Although; you might have to be careful with such power, in that you do not allow power to make you appear pompous and over-proud of what you own.

In a way, others might feel that you look down on them, or that possessions and finance is your ‘Power-Point’, that you have no personal power and that, by having finance makes you more powerful than those who do not have it.

You would be proud of any achievements and success you gain, and this can only be got by accepting a position of responsibility and hard work. Again, the drive is to gain a standing in life, so that career and social standing are placed above any other cause in life.
You are the one who creates the openings for others to find financial relief under your banner.

Mind you, while you will help others, you are cautious as to your own ends, that, by helping, it does not jeopardise your position.
It can take you most of your life to build up a reputation, possibly following in your Father’s footsteps, so you do not care to lose out
In any kind of financial venture.

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