Tuesday, March 25, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Ninth House, then you will certainly hope to travel, possible to write about your roving abroad. There is no doubt you will seek to experience life, to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge in many ways, especially through areas of group efforts and networking. The Internet is one way of going around the world and back, expanding your knowledge of cultural differences and breaking down language barriers.

Mentally; you are bright, although you might have to tone down the nature, in that you may decide you are far brighter than the norm. You are full of bright ideas and visions, you seem to be very good, using some for of intuitive guesswork to arrive at answers, to know things, to be prophetic and become known as some sort of ‘Seer’.

You would have high hopes and wishes for the future, often there is some form of spiritual significance within your thinking and humanitarian aims, a wish to spread your thoughts and views around the world. You can always be the one who breaks away from main-line thinking, to create your own group, who share the same written expressions.

You are often quite restless, feeling the need to be on the move, to preach a sermon, and to learn what defines you, who and what you are, to learn about higher moral and spiritual values. You can be a reader of books, one who strives to learn, who might suddenly go off into unknown territories, in search of the truth.

In a way, you are always seeking the truth, learning, so you can write and speak words which will enthuse others. It is not that you want to change the world, but to update the laws and values and to have a mind which sees a world-wide group of friends, who understand the idea of social welfare.


Anonymous said...

I traveled. I enjoyed world. I sought truth. I honed in on creating my own. Grew my own food. raised up a kid with a garden. Took him out of school when I saw it's not about learning truth. The truth stands alone. And that's a fine place to stand.

Anonymous said...

The world is out on a sailboat.