Thursday, March 6, 2008



When the Sun in Taurus sits in the Eighth House, then you can be sure that finance will undergo some drastic changes in the life. You might well have to lose everything and then start all over again, to restructure the whole sense of financial security; to understand that having everything is not the ‘Be-All and End-All’ of life, that there are more important things than the dramatic scenes which ownership puts you through.

You will find that friendships and group efforts will play a large part in the life, you will find the value of sharing among friendships, those who can help move you further up the financial and social ladder which benefits you. In a strange way, it is possible that you will meet your partner within a group, or some social function and this can lead to higher financial expectations, simply because you will relate to sharing the partner’s expectations.

You are a passionate person and intensely loyal, although you keep much inside and hide things away from others. This comes from a sense of psychological mistrust, that if you allow others to know where you hide what you own, then, chances are, it will be taken. You do look to the future and can really go without, if you have to, so that you leave something behind which makes others realize your true value.

In a sense, you are one who insures your self and property against losing it. To own is an inner driving force, there’s no doubt you can be possessive and can be revengeful if another takes what is yours.

To a degree, you work long and hard to accumulate, so no-one is going to take what belongs to you and your partner; the one you share resources with, the one who see your worth as part of the company.

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